Centre for Incubation, Innovation & Entrepreneurship (ACIIE)

Centre for Incubation, Innovation & Entrepreneurship (ACIIE)

    Centre for Incubation, Innovation & Entrepreneurship (ACIIE)

    Events:-  Webinar on "Dawn of the age of social entrepreneurship in the World" on Date 18th May 2020,Time: 11 AM to 12:30 PM. 

    Centre for Incubation, Innovation & Entrepreneurship (ACIIE)

    Centre for Incubation, Innovation and Entrepreneurship’ (ACIIE) has been set-up at Dr. B R Ambedkar University Delhi  as a not-for-profit section 8 company within the larger vision of the University. The Centre’s endeavor is to create an ecosystem of innovation and entrepreneurship within the university. The interdisciplinary space of AUD, especially in applied fields such as business, design, development practice, education, ecology, mental health etc., is seen as an appropriate location for setting up the ACIIE. Setting-up of the ACIIE has received not only positive encouragement from the government of the NCT of Delhi, but also financial assistance by way of a generous seed fund.



    The mission of ACIIE is to facilitate translation of theoretical learning across inter-disciplinary areas into real-time practice anchored around innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship.


    ACIIE has been set up within University with the objectives of (i) translating theoretical and conceptual learning into socially useful practice, and (ii) to reach out to the less-privileged section of society at the bottom of the pyramid who may not otherwise have access to new knowledge and contemporary practices.

    ACIIE has been established to encourage graduates to become wealth creators with employment generation, while addressing the many social problems facing our country. The centre will facilitate technical mentorship and will help to generate financial support from angel investors and venture capital funding to nurture potentially viable ideas to be set up as sustainable enterprises in the social sector.

    Proposed Activities

    ACIIE will pursue activities that will help University graduates to explore creating innovative enterprises in the social sector and develop a vibrant culture of Social Entrepreneurship at Dr. B R Ambedkar University. ACIIE plans immediately to undertake the following initiatives as part of its core objective:

    • Invite and incubate innovative ideas and help them evolve into executable business ventures, especially in the social sector.
    • Support pilot and start-up phase of enterprise development.
    • Extend technical and psychological support through mentoring and assist to arrange financial resources.
    • Organize workshops, seminars and experience sharing interactions to promote entrepreneurship and innovation.

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